Byzantine Studies


The Ohio State University is one of the few institutions in North America that offers courses in Byzantine philology, history, and history of art, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Specifically, Prof. Timothy Gregory (Department of History) teaches Byzantine history and archaeology, and conducts archaeological research in the Korinthia and other parts of Greece in which OSU students regularly take part. Prof. Anthony Kaldellis (Department of Classics) teaches courses on various aspects of Byzantine culture with emphasis on the close reading of original texts. And Prof. James Morganstern (Department of Art History) regularly offers both surveys of Byzantine art and seminars on specific periods. Many other professors (especially in the Departments of Classics, History, and English) conduct research in fields directly or indirectly related to Byzantium, such as religion in Late Antiquity, Early Christianity, and Byzantine influence on the early medieval West.

The Main Library of the Ohio State University hosts the Hilandar Research Library, the largest collection of medieval Slavic manuscripts on film in the world (including also many Greek manuscripts on film). The Library offers fellowships for visiting scholars and conducts summer seminars on medieval Slavic. The Department of Classics is also the home of the Modern Greek Program, which offers courses in modern Greek language and literature. Many faculty, both inside and outside of the Department of Classics, offer courses in Medieval Latin, in cooperation with Ohio State's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Two annual ByzantinoSlavic lecture series (03-04 and 04-05) have so far been organized by Anthony Kaldellis and the Hilandar Research Library on the themes of "Identity in the Medieval Balkans" and "Archaeology and the Medieval Balkans." One lecture was scheduled per quarter and the speakers included scholars from both OSU and (mostly) other American institutions. The turnout for all these talks was large. In addition, lectures on Byzantine topics are often included in the annual lecture series of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and the Leontis Lecture of the Modern Greek program.